RIBONZ class to me is an energetic aerobic class that provides upper body strength, range of motion, improved balance and stability, as well as coordination.  I love this class, and I love that Becky educates you with each and every move that is safe and effective.  I recently broke my foot and am so happy that I can attend this class to get an awesome workout in a seated chair.  This class will benefit the physically fit and those in rehab.  This is my must workout I am hooked.

Loretta D

RIBONZ is a class perfect for any level of exercise.  Beginners can build confidence with simplified moves, while advancing routines can intensify workouts with cardio plyometrics.  Becky teaches the importance of technique to maximize burning calories and strengthening the core through her own experience as a Physical Therapist.  It can be relaxing to utilize the RIBONZ or require stamina to reach a higher intensity of workouts.  Becky’s design has reached out to a range of ages and her exercise style implements safety as well as promoting excellence in overall fitness.

Lisa K

As an incredibly active and strong woman living with MS, RIBONZ is an amazing exercise incorporating various moves that involve rotator cuff flexibility and many other benefits…I’ll never stop RIBONZ

Sherry S

I am a workout junkie, but am also a new Mom and time is of the essence.  RIBONZ is a full-body workout that incorporates cardio and strength training so I get everything I need in a 45 minute class.  It has helped me improve my form and utilize a full range of motion.  The weighted RIBONZ add a whole new experience to the workout.  You can “feel” all of your muscles working and know you are getting an intense workout.  It is a workout for all ages and fitness levels.  I was able to continue the class all through my pregnancy and modify as needed.  It has also helped me lose weight and tone since having my baby.  I look forward to the class every week and would recommend it highly.

Amy M